Good and Bad Hairstyles


My daughter has wanted to be let loose on my hair since she was three. Today, at sixteen, she finally got her wish.

Side braid image

Anna’s always loved playing with hair. She’s never been short of heads to play with. Her dad has let her cut, and even apply spray in colour to, his hair since she was small. Although he was never a fan of the hair clips, and his hair is (disappointingly) too short for ponytails. And her hairbands were a little small for his head. 

Grandma has been happy to play hairdressers too. it’s amazing how many hairclips you can fit on one head, when you put your young mind to it. But grandma always had short, layered hair, so ponytails and braids were out of the question.

My hair is longer, always at least shoulder length, so playing with it was viewed as the ultimate prize. But it’s always been one of the few parts of my appearance I’m happy with, so I didn’t really like having it messed up too much. 

Today’s the day she really gets to play…

I’ve given her free rein to experiment, although scissors and colours are off limits. 

It started well…

With Dutch braids, in three styles I love and would definitely wear. One I can do myself, the other two are definitely better with help.

Dutch braid ponytail

We moved on to buns of varying complexity. Although, I have “too many layers” for this to be fun for the stylist. Again, I wouldn’t rule out leaving the house with any of these hairstyles.

But then she started to get bored…

And decided to try double braids into bunches and buns– thinking 58 is way too old for these looks.

Double braid bunches

Followed by a style that is trending, but “doesn’t even suit me”. And definitely doesn’t suit her mum.

I don’t think I’ll be trying these again! 

Off for a hair wash now, as that final style involved lots of hair glue and lacquer. And my hair’s feeling like cardboard now!

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