7 Great Reasons to Going Grey


Since the Pandemic, lots more women are choosing to ditch the dye and embrace the beauty of their natural grey hair. If you’re thinking about joining them, here are seven great reasons why going grey makes sense:

Photo of a woman with grey hair

It’ll save you lots of money: If you’re getting your hair professionally coloured, going grey will save you hundreds of pounds a year. Just imagine what else you could be doing with the money… Treating yourself or the family… Helping to offset the impact of rising cost of living… Putting it towards a holiday. The options are endless.

You’ll save money on styling appointments too. No more going to the hairdressers every 4 – 5 weeks when the roots start to show. Cuts every 8 – 12 weeks will be just fine.

You’ll have more free time: Whether you’re visiting a salon or colouring your hair at home, you need to write off half a day each time you get your hair coloured. Stop colouring your hair and you get that time to spend on something else. Wouldn’t you rather be out with friends or outside in the sun?

No more roots stress: Your hair might look great for the first week after a colour, but in next to no time the roots start growing through. Just a little at first… but it’s never long until they’re the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. They’re just one more stress in your already busy life. Go grey and you’ll have one less thing for you to worry about.

Your hair will be in better condition: Dyeing and bleaching your hair damages the surface and dries it out, so it becomes brittle and prone to split ends. If you choose to go naturally grey, you won’t need to wash it as often either. Ditch the dye and your hair will thank you, with locks that are in much better condition.

You’ll look healthier: Our hair isn’t the only thing that changes as we get older. Our skin tone and texture changes too. Hair colours that were flattering when we were younger, look stark and ageing against our altered skin. By embracing natural silver tones, we keep our hair and skin colours in harmony with each other.

It’s better for the environment: The harsh chemicals we use, to bleach and colour, don’t just damage our hair. When we wash them off, they go down the drain, creating environmental pollution. That’s on top of the negative impact of the processes and chemicals used to produce the colours in the first place.

You’ll be a great role model for the younger generation: Ageing is a privilege that many people in the World aren’t lucky enough to enjoy. Why should those of us that live long enough to start to grey, try to artificially preserve the signs of youth? What message are we sending if that’s what we choose to do? We learn and grow as we age, so why not treat your silver strands as a badge of honour, rather than something to be feared?

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