4 Easy hairstyles I use all the time


All these styles are really easy for me to achieve, and take 5 minutes or less to create.

Photo of a woman with grey hair

Some people choose to cut their hair short when it starts to grey. But I knew that wasn’t going to work for me. Having spent all of my teens having my hair cut short, hating it, growing it out, and then having it cut short again. I finally learnt my lesson, and know that longer hair suits me better. So, the natural choice was to keep the length when I choose to ditch the dye and go grey.

I have mid-length hair, which is slightly layered to take some of the weight away and enhance the natural movement. I find this much easier to maintain than an all one length style.

1. Loose and Natural

Luckily, I have lots of fairly fine hair, which hasn’t gone coarse as it started to go grey. It has a bit of a natural wave, so I have the option of letting it dry naturally, which is my first choice for styling. And the one I choose most often.


2. Classic Ponytail

I’m a pretty active person, with yoga, running and long walks all featuring regularly in my weekly routine. More often than not, I put my hair up in a classic ponytail when I’m exercising. Or if I’m cleaning the bathrooms or having a bad hair day.


3. Loose Bun

I have a couple of other slightly smarter up do options, if I want to tie my hair back. The first is achieved by folding the ponytail back into the tie band, to make a simple, loose bun.


4. Dutch braid into ponytail

The final option is a Dutch braid, into a pony tail. I do this style facing a mirror, so I can make sure the amounts of hair I add to the braid are the same each time, plus I can easily see if I’ve missed any bits. You do need reasonably flexible shoulders, as your hands are working behind you head, but it is pretty easy to create and looks a lot smarter than the other options. And it only takes a couple of minutes. I always get lots of compliments when I style it this way.


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