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Have you ever thought it’s crazy that a man can be a sexy, silver fox, but people often assume a woman embracing her greys has given up on herself?

It’s a double-standard I’d love to change, and the reason for creating Happier Grey.

I know lots of happy, healthy women who’ve chosen to go grey. They see age as a privilege and know going grey doesn’t mean giving up on looking good. The colour may have faded from our hair, but our lives are no less warm, vibrant and joyful.

Whether you’ve found your first grey strand, you’re full on rocking the silver locks, or you’re thinking about ditching the dye and embracing your natural highlights, there’s a place for you in Happier Grey.

Each week, on the Happier Grey Podcast, you can hear me chatting to a different woman, who has chosen to go grey. In the hope inspiring and supporting you on your grey hair journey. We’ll be talking about:

  • Why they decided to go grey
  • How other people have reacted
  • Tips for growing the dye out
  • And much, much, more.

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Helen x